Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 19, 2016

Hola familia Por´a,

Como estan? Siento que hace poco estaba en esta misma silla escribiendoles, pero aqui estoy de nuevo. Probablamente papa va a ser el unico que entiende esta parte jaja pero vamos a ver si alguien mas en la familia entiende un poco de español jaja.  Este semana fue uno de los mejores que he pasado aqui, uno de estos razónes es porque pudimos ir al templo como misión! Pienso que voy a hablar un poco de eso, porque fue tan pureté. 

So this week was definitely one to remember here in Paraguay, This week we had the opportunity to go to the temple as a mission. I think the mission has really helped me better understand the importance of the temple, and with the possibility of only going to the temple once a year here in Paraguay this trip was well waited for. I still didn't quite get to escape the stress of working here in the office because i had to help plan how to get 2 Zones from different parts of Paraguay to get to Asuncion safely. Yeah that was a fun one haha. But our day started bright and early, about 3 hours earlier than everyone else who was going because we still had to finish up a couple things. So we finally arrived at the chapel next to the temple at 7am with everyone else and begun one of the coolest meetings i have ever been in. Before we got to go into the temple we got to have a testimony meeting within about 50 missionaries. Just sitting there listening to all of the different testimonies, getting to see lots of old companions and friends that i have worked along side of for the past year and a half, testifying of the love they have for the savior and for this work was unforgettable. I was really thinking about everyone of these missionaries and all the work we have put in, and one thing i could see in the faces of every single one of them were the future leaders of this rising generation. People that love the Lord and because of that, are obedient to his commandments. People that are courageous in choosing the right, time after time again, not giving importance to the consequences that follow. And most of all, People that follow the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are HAPPY. 

Once we got to go into the temple, It felt so nice just to forget about the worries of the world and to be close to my father in heaven. All of the stress, the phone, all of the problems and things going on in the office just to leave it all behind for a bit and focus on other more important things was such a great feeling. I still remember the first time i got to go through this temple at the beginning of my mission and not really understanding that much spanish, Compared to when i got to go through just barley. I had lots of time to think and reflect on my mission up until now and the things i have learned and how i have grown. I really feel like i have grown in so many ways in this year and a half that i could have never done if i was anywhere else. I don't think i could even start on how many things i have learned, but one thing is for sure, i am so grateful that God has given me this privilege to be able to serve a mission and to have called me to Paraguay. I can already say it has changed my life completely and for the time i have left, it will continue to change my life for the better. The temple trip was exactly what i needed this past week and i can't wait to be able to go again. Without doubt i know that the temple is the house of God on earth, i know that the priesthood has been restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith and that same priesthood which we read about in the times of Peter, James and John can be found again here on the earth and in God's temples. 

I hope all of the family is doing great! love you guys so much!

Elder Nyberg

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